Kindergarten Readiness

Preparing children for Kindergarten and beyond is not only a slogan here but a goal we will meet. We follow closely the Virginia Department of Early Childhood School Readiness to ensure our students are prepared when they complete our program. As we know this goal can’t be met alone we engage our parents and support them with knowledge about their child developmental milestones.

Literary Development

We create a text-rich environment where children get to fall in love with all books fiction, non-fiction, picture, and even chapter books long before they can read them independently. Although reading is apart a large part of our daily activity we don’t stop there our students as young as preschool begin learning with an introduction to phonological awareness and writing at their level. Reading is all around us so even on walks we show our child the print in the stop sign, their school address, and even cars parked along the car street or driving by. We are actively registered with Virginia Beach Public Library where we participate in many special programs and also receive up to 50 new books each month.

Nutritious Meals

Garden of Learning Virginia is a proud participant of the USDA food program and follows the program guidelines to produce healthy meals that include whole grains, milk, fruit, vegetables, and lean meats. We provide Breakfast, Midmorning Snack (if necessary) Lunch, and a late Afternoon snack. Our students enjoy all fresh never canned seasonal fruits with every meal. Vegan and Vegetarian options are also available.


We believe giving back is the best way to instill values such as kindness, gratefulness, empathy, and the importance of teamwork. At least twice a year we choose a cause or organization – locally or nationally to support. Our children participate alongside us to the best of their ability and we teach them a brief lesson on the organization and the importance of helping others.

Our Values

About Our Program

We strive to meet all-important milestones of early childhood development. Our program utilizes the Virginia’s Early Childhood Development Alignment Project for ages 0 to 48 months alongside various other supplemental resources to develop the whole child.

How To Raise Confident Child

How do you raise a confident child? It's important to always remember that our job as parents is to love our child no matter what and even if because these tips are nothing more than manipulation if we lose sight of our primary job. Here are a few things to help our kids to become confident: 1. Give your child a task that they can handle. 2. You're going to hope that they blow it. 3. Let consequences teach. 4. Give them the same challenge again. Happy parenting!

Meet Our Teachers

Latifah Privott

Early Childhood Expert
"It's easier to build stronger children than to repair broken men." Frederick Douglass

What Parents Say

I’m so happy we made the decision to enroll our daughter into the Garden of Learning childcare. I always feel like I’m apart of her school life because I’m updated with a classroom app as well as frequent newsletters. We are so pleased with the progress our daughter has made over this past year. The preschool environment has allowed her to become more independent in school as well as at home and she is learning at a rapid rate especially her vocabulary. Everyone is always surprised that she is just turning 2 years old when they hear her talk. I know that the Garden of Learning has contributed to that greatly since they specifically work on language development and read several books a day. I know my daughter is in good hands when I drop her off at school with Latifah because she never wants to leave at pickup time. I would recommend this preschool program to anyone looking for quality childcare.


We knew that the Garden of Learning childcare was going to be a great fit for our family, when we first dropped off our daughter she didn’t even cry. However, Latifah still made sure to text us throughout the day with her progress. She loves going to school everyday. It’s not uncommon to hear her counting from 1 to 10 by herself, singing the alphabet song or other lullabies she learned in school at home. I suggest this preschool to all families looking for childcare!


Latifah is very patience and loving with children. You can witness this with the interaction of her and her son. He is advanced across the board because she works with him daily he knows all his shapes, colors, alphabet, and even potty trained before 2 years old. I wish this program were around when my daughter was a toddler. Your child will love the Garden of Learning child development center.


I would highly recommend Garden of Learning VA. Garden of learning is fun filled but very educational for children. My daughter has been in Latifah’s care since 2018 and we have been happy with the experience. My daughter has learned so much from Latifah. Her focus on education has helped my daughter be advanced for her age group. She is the best in home caregiver in Virginia Beach.


If we are fortunate when we decide to have children and continue to of our first thoughts as parents shifts to how can I find safe, reliable and productive child care. I am fortunate to know the owner of Garden of Learner's. From the opening, which I strongly encouraged because I witnessed first hand how she cared for my daughter and other children at the preschools she worked. I was able to see just how amazing she was with children. The idea that someone would treat your children like there own when it comes to there vital needs was prevalent from the beginning. The depth and quality of education that each child receives is top notch. Although, my daughter is now school age she still visits for nurturing and support. When you find someone that you value and can trust they become your go-to even when your kids age out. This is why I recommend professionals at Garden of Learning Center 1st. Other parents deserve the same experience. A few questions I always ask myself from the multitude of reasons when deciding. Is it safe/clean? The cleanest I have ever seen. Temperament of the child care provider? Calm and always has the ability to calm my child and sometimes me on busy days. How many children are usually in their care at one time? They have small class size to provide individual care when needed.


I had the honor of working with Latifah a few years back in a preschool in Virginia Beach. I was always very impressed with her. She showed such patience with the children and empathy for what they were going through. Many daycares are just expensive babysitting centers, but she always came prepared to teach them the skills they needed to be successful in school. I was also impressed by her great relationships with the parents. She was always friendly and kept lines of communication open. I recently had the opportunity of visiting her at her own preschool and she is still delivering that same quality teaching, parent communication, and positive atmosphere that students need to thrive. I would highly recommend this preschool. If you're looking for a safe place for your child, then this is the place to be.


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