Pre -School Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Fine Motor Control

Many children may have already developed confidence in holding writing utensils and we will build upon that. Students will begin tracing, learning proper letter formation, writing simple letters independently and eventually progressing to writing and typing their own name.

  Gross Motor

Our students will enjoy at least 90 minutes of outdoor play daily (weather permitting) where they will learn to swing a golf club and baseball bat. They will perfect their skills of throwing and shooting a basketball as well as running while kicking a ball. Organize movements such as Zumba and Yoga will be the highlight of many of our Pre Kindergarteners day


The sweet sound,” I can do it myself”. Students will be encouraged to independently get dressed, solve problems with friends, complete activities, and move about their day with confidence. Our consistent schedule and predictable routine helps to foster a sense of stability that allows children to explore safely.


Preparing children for Kindergarten is our greatest pleasure. Literacy, the ability to read and write is one of the most amazing gifts we can offer children in our program. Books will fill our classrooms and students will be encourage to sit down have quite time with a favorite story with a teacher, friend or independently.  At this stage our students will be introduced to sight words, phonetically deconstructs sounds, matching letter sounds with words, and reading comprehension.

 Pre K math

Children maybe able to move on to lessons counting 11-20.  Students will learn how to use and read graphs, become familiar with tools of measurement, recognize 2 and 3- dimensional shapes and identifies and creates patterns.

 Social- Emotional Skills

Representation matters and dramatic play is empowering for children. They can see themselves as everyday heroes such as fire fighters, doctors, teachers, and engineers. They may also just want to be mommy and daddy for the day or watch our in class puppet show. Wherever their imagination leads them we will support them in playing safely.