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We are conveniently located at the intersection of S. Independence Blvd. and Dalia Drive with easy highway access.

We would love to serve your family’s childcare needs. Contact us today to find out how to be apart of our Garden!

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4494 Cherrywood Ln, Virginia Beach, VA 23453

(757) 434-6057


Mon-Friday: 7:30am – 6:00pm
Child Drop Off: 7:00am – 7:30am
Child Pickup: 3:00pm – 6:00pm


Please call for pricing.


What are your Hours?
Our normal hours are from 7:30am-6:00pm Monday through Friday.
At what age can students enroll at Garden of Learning Virginia? Does my child need to be Potty Trained?
We serve children from preschool through transitional Kindergarten typically 2 ½ through 5 years of age. Yes, students can enroll in preschool once they are fully potty trained.
How do you group Children?
In our classroom we have an open floor concept inclusive environment where all of our students interact together throughout the day. Younger students learn from the older students, and older students learn leadership skills by assisting the younger students. In our classroom we come together for meals, circle time, classroom prayer and other memory work yet each student completes age appropriate assignments and activities based upon their skill set.
Is enrollment during a specific time of year?
No, enrollment is on going and children are welcome to enter at any time during the year. 
However it’s best for students to have a full week in school to get properly acclimated and help to reduce separation anxiety so Mondays where there are no holiday closures are the best time to enroll. Separation anxiety is a normal developmental stage where children experience anxiety when they are separated from their parent.  Separation anxiety is a process so please be patient with your child, and us, as we will get to better days.
Parents can email us at [email protected] or call us at 757-524-1488 to inquire about availability.
How will I know what my child is doing throughout the day? Do I have access to live camera footage?
Currently we’re using a parent communication app, Classtag. Here we send parents electronic notes, pictures, and videos via email and text a few times a week. We send home monthly menus and newsletters that include our monthly themes, activities, closures and other important details. In the event of an emergency parents are contacted and the incident will be recorded with a written notice.  
What is your Discipline Policy?
Discipline is a process of learning self-control, respect for others, and responsibility. Positive methods of discipline will be practiced at all times. We created a “breathing corner” where students can go and calm down and breathe peacefully once the student feels ready he or she will come back into our routine and continue the day. We continue our efforts to reinforce positive behaviors by reading books, celebrating acts of kindness, and reviewing classroom rules so children are aware of an acceptable code of conduct at school. In the event that a student has a hard time adjusting to our group setting we will set up a parent conference to determine the best methods to correct the behavior. Afterwards any on-going issues will be addressed on an case-by-case bases with the parents. 


Do you accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions?
It is our goal to keep each child safe especially those with food allergies, sensitivities, and restrictions to the best of our ability. All food allergies will be included in each child’s chart, posted in the kitchen and meal prep areas in plain view. Upon enrolment we request this information and will rely on parents to keep us informed if there are any changes that follow so we can update our records. Parents must submit written documentation with specific guidelines for addressing each special type of dietary need and food allergy. We are not a peanut free school.
We are CPR and FIRST AID certified as well as MAT (Medical Administrative Training) so in the event of a medical emergency we can safely give medical care and administers an Epi Pen. Parents are responsible for providing an Epi Pen along with the physician’s prescription.  


Do you have any Covid Policies? How frequently are Toys and Classroom Sanitized?
Yes, we do take proper precautions to prevent and control the spread of disease to our children, staff, and community. Please visit our website under the, Our commitment to a safe and clean environment in our school tab for all updated information. 
In the meantime toys, bathrooms, and surfaces are sanitized on a daily and frequent basis with a bleach water solution.

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